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Timetosser enables you to playfully reorder any kind of musical input in real-time. The power is at your fingertips to instantly add variety to your tracks and loops. Just connect any audio source and you’re good to go!

Timetosser is for everyone who is interested in finger drumming and performing live with electronic gear. Because it works as a standalone device, it’s just plug and play.

Audio input can come from any source, making Timetosser integrate well in any situation. Use it in a DJ-setup, in the studio or on stage in a live set.

The novelty of Timetosser lies in the way it is used: the user is not simply enabling an effect, but has to actively and skillfully play the instrument. Although it takes some practice to master, the live-performance aspect of Timetosser ultimately gives artists greater expression in their performances.

In order to let Timetosser be aware of the tempo of the incoming music, you have different options. The first option is to use the tap-tempo key to tap along with the beat. Timetosser will actively listen to the music and track the tempo, making sure that it stays in sync with the beat.

Another option is to sync to MIDI-clock. By connecting the supplied mini-jack to DIN-5 adapter cable to the MIDI/Sync IN input, Timetosser is able to synchronise to an incoming MIDI-clock signal.

The sync input also supports analog gate voltages. Just connect your gate signal to the sync input directly.

Having both a MIDI-input and output means these will be usable from within your DAW software when Timetosser is connected to your computer. But the true advantage comes when Timetosser is used in standalone-mode. Since Timetosser detects the tempo of the incoming audio, the MIDI-output can be used to send out that tempo. This means you can synchronise your MIDI-gear and have them play in time with anything you feed into Timetosser. We’re very excited about the possibilities this brings: blur the lines between DJing and live performing by having synths and drum machines play alongside your tracks!

Besides being a standalone device, Timetosser can also be connected to your computer. This way, it becomes a USB audio interface and controller for the Timetosser audio plugin (VST & AU).

The audio plugin is a virtual Timetosser that can be dropped as an effect on an audio track in your DAW. One of up to eight plugin instances can be selected and controlled from the hardware unit.

About The Product
– Dimensions: 200mm x 120mm x 25mm
– Weight: 380 grams
– Powder coated aluminium hardtop casing with lasered labels
– 16x full colour LED backlit key switches
– 60 FPS smooth animation feedback CPU
– 180 MHz 32-bit ARM micro controller for real-time audio analysis and smooth visual feedback
– Digital audio: Up to 24-bit / 192 KHz Low noise, high quality codec
– USB connection for use as controller and audio interface
– Dual purpose sync input: Tempo sync to MIDI and analog gear
– MIDI OUT: Send detected tempo or external sync as midi clock

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