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We are extremely proud to have developed a brand new shower technology. Meet the first ever Dome® Shower – a full shower experience with 75% less water.

We think this is the simplest and nicest extreme saving shower experience yet.

With Altereds new Dome® technology we create something never seen before; a rotating water dome that makes it possible to use less water without compromising.

Saving water is a necessity since it is a finite resource. But by saving water you also save energy and in turn reduce your carbon footprint. So using the Altered:Shower is a great experience for you, and even better for the planet.

About The Product

• Flexible hose must have a 1/2” female thread. (Standard sizing for US and EU)
• Shower arm must have a 1/2” male thread. (Standard sizing for US and EU)
• Altered:Shower handle has a 1/2” male thread. (Standard sizing for US and EU)
• Shower diverter has a 1/2” female thread at inlet side to be connected to shower arm (shower arm is not included) and two 1/2” male threads at outlet side to be connected to Flexible hose and Shower head (Shower head is not included). (Standard sizing for US and EU.)
• The shower requires a minimum pressure of 1,5 Bars.
• Recommended water pressure 3–7 bars.
• The Altered Shower handle incorporates a backflow prevention device to prevent backflow.
• The Altered Shower handle incorporates flow controlling devices to ensure constant flow rates independently from the water system pressure.

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We Support #ZeroHunger

There's enough food in the world to feed every man, woman and child. Yet, there are more hungry people than the populations of the United States, Canada and EU combined.

The World Food Programme, along with many other partners, are working to solve this moral challenge.

With your generous support, families can share meals together, life-saving nourishment can be provided to those affected by conflict, and students can thrive at school thanks to a daily school meal.

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*Donations are processed directly by the World Food Programme and do not go through SocioSpree. Please do not address donations to SocioSpree.