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AquaTru’s exclusive Ultra Reverse Osmosis technology miniaturizes the same reverse osmosis technology used by all the major bottled brands and puts it into a compact countertop water purifier for the first time. IS YOUR WATER SAFE TO DRINK? Studies continue to pour in regarding Toxins, Hormones, Microplastics, Cancer-linked Carcinogens and other contaminants discovered in our Tap Water, Filtered Water…and yes, even Bottled Water. Arsenic, lead, chromium, and drug residues are commonly found in municipal drinking water. AquaTru’s ultra pure reverse osmosis water filter system is CERTIFIED to remove such contaminants and many more!
About The Product
– CERTIFIED to NSF Standards by IAMPO to remove 15X more contaminants than the leading pitcher filters — removing such poisons as Lead 99.1%, Chromium 97.2%, Copper 95.2%, Fluoride 93.5%, Radium 96.4%, and Chlorine 96.6% (to name a few). In fact, AquaTru is designed to remove 1000’s of pollutants that could be lurking in your tap water. Taste the Difference!
– NO PLUMBING OR INSTALLATION required – takes less than 3 minutes to set up. AquaTru’s Trusted & warranted RO countertop system COSTS CONSIDERABLY LESS than fully installed under-the-counter RO systems, while at the same time, delivering often Cleaner, Purer, and Better Tasting Water. Why waste money & landfills on bottled water (93% recently found to contain micro-plastics). Invest in your health, the planet & long-term savings with a true RO system.
– QUICK CHANGE TWIST AND SEAL FILTERS come included with your first Aqua Tru system, and last from 6 months to 2 years. SLEEK COMPACT DESIGN – 14” Tall x 14” Deep x 12” Wide – Purifies 1 gallon of tap water into bottle-quality water in 12-15 minutes.
– 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Many popular water filters and water purifier systems claim to turn dirty water ‘pure’, but unfortunately, leave numerous serious chemicals and containments behind. With AquaTru, you can feel confident that you are getting ULTRA-PURE WATER from a reverse osmosis system that has undergone extensive analysis, tests and certifications.

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There's enough food in the world to feed every man, woman and child. Yet, there are more hungry people than the populations of the United States, Canada and EU combined.

The World Food Programme, along with many other partners, are working to solve this moral challenge.

With your generous support, families can share meals together, life-saving nourishment can be provided to those affected by conflict, and students can thrive at school thanks to a daily school meal.

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