Imagine a backpack that can wirelessly recharge its built-in battery pack when you’re home and charges your gear when you’re on the go, one that gently alerts you if you accidentally leave it open while walking around, locks all key zippers at the push of a single button, even acts as your camera mount when you want to take a picture; and, looks sleek and beautiful in your choice of great colors and so many thoughtful features. That’s the Barracuda Konzu Backpack.

These days, you’d expect any smart backpack to come with a built-in battery pack, and Barracuda Konzu is no exception. What’s revolutionary is that ours can be wirelessly charged. Simply place Konzu on its patent-pending wireless charging stand, and top up Konzu’s 10,000 mAh battery pack — without meddling with messy wires. You can even leave your tablet or phone inside the bag plugged into Konzu’s internal USB port to charge it along with the battery pack.

The battery pack is removable & interchangeable. It can be charged directly via USB like other battery packs. Carrying Konzu with its battery pack into an airplane would be no different from carrying an ordinary battery pack.

About The Product
Collapse your Barracuda in seconds and tuck it away under your bed in a sleek storage bag. Or hang it in your closet ready for your next trip. It’s right there for you.

Because laptops aren’t always comfortable on laps. Or use its two cup holders to have a beverage with a friend. In a packed airport a little extra shelf space is always welcome.

Ergonomic and distinctive 360°rotating handle. Turn heads not your wrist. A push button allows the handle to be locked in one of 6 positions.

The optional unit gives you the peace of mind of tracking your luggage’s location if lost. The proximity sensor will alert you when your Barracuda arrives at the carousel. *Available as an upgrade

Phone/Tablet running low and all the plugs are taken. Our carry-on ships with a 10,000 mAh battery that uses the lighter Li-Ion Polymer battery more suited for travel. It can charge most phones 5 times over so you never run out of power again.

More than you would expect, a large laundry bag and a pair of shoe bags. Never again will you need to use those grocery sacks to pack your shoes

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