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The bFan® is for people who want to save money on their air conditioning bill and not go broke trying to sleep cooler.

The bFan® is for people who are hot sleepers and really want to sleep cooler or have cooler sheets at night.

The bFan® is for women who suffer from the effects of menopause including night sweats derived from hot flashes.

The bFan® is for people who have a medical condition that causes their body to get hot at night and want to sleep cooler.

For people wanting to take advantage of the huge health benefits obtained from sleeping cooler.

The bFan®’s innovative design removes the heat that is generated by your body and gets trapped inside your bed (your sheets, comforter, and mattress). This unique system enables you to sleep much cooler and deeper at night and save you money on air conditioning costs.

The top will extend from 19” tall to 37” tall. The air duct is 12” wide and ¾” deep. The base is 6.25” tall X 7” deep and 12” wide. The base can be set in any direction, either under the bed or pointing outward from the bed. It can be placed anywhere around the bed from the foot to the top and anywhere along the side of the bed.

The bFan® will help you sleep deeper and longer, it will help stop night sweats and get you the rest you deserve.
The bFan® is quiet, gentle, stable and powerful when you need it.

About The Product
• Increased the stability We were able to accomplish this with a balanced footing, lower center of gravity and a more robust blower motor. Our first design was slimmer and lighter, good but annoying when it would fall over.
• Increased the overall air flow Although the original fan design was wonderful for its time, there was a desire by many people to have more air flow.
• Increased the fans total static pressure. Static pressure is really what makes this all happen. When we built our first units many years ago we aimed at the highest static pressure we could obtain with an axial fan.
• Made the fan much quieter and much stronger This is a direct result of moving to a squirrel cage blower. This fan is much more efficient than any axial fan, like that other company uses.

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