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The NDLR ~ Four-track, Sequenced Arpeggiator, Chord Player and Drone ~

We’ve turned complex music theory into a killer synthesizer jamming MIDI controller. With four parts that can play up to 8 synths, you can make fantastic electronic music, such as soundscapes, electronica, ambient, electro, or techno to name a few. Whether noodling in your music space after work or jamming with friends, The NDLR can take your music to amazing places!

The Drone part can play a single continuous note like a traditional drone does… or choose from various retrigging options, such as having the note retrigger on a chord change, the down beat, every beat, up beat, etc. You can also choose to add a 3rd and/or 5th note for a polyphonic drone. Or have the drone play a thundering kick if you want to.

Once you’ve got the basics down, delve into advanced features like the 8x Modulation Matrix to automate and add motion to The NDLR controls. Connect a MIDI keyboard and Sequencer to The NDLR’s two MIDI inputs. External CC control is available for nearly every parameter. An on-board Pattern and Rhythm editor lets you create custom arps. Use the clock out port with time division to clock your sequencer, great for making chord changes at a slow BPM. The NDLR can provide MIDI clock, or slave to an external clock source to stay in sync with your other gear.
About The Product
All Parts’ notes are derived from the chosen chord degree, chord type, key, & mode. See the manual on our web site for excruciating details.

Pad – Note Position and Range. Moving the position and changing the range will turn notes on and off, great for ambient soundscapes. Up to 49 notes of poly!

Drone – Note Position, Number of notes, and Trigger. Plays 1 to 3 notes continuously or tiggers on beats. Changes with chords or stays on the root note. Good for long evolving synth patches or punchy bass.

Motif 1 and 2 – Strum, Spread, Note Position, Length and Variation for Patterns and Rhythms. Use built-in patterns and rhythms or create your own. These sequenced arpeggiators are great for creating lead and bass lines.

Tempo, Key and Mode settings -provide maximum flexibility for solo noodling or jamming with friends.

Menu System – No menu diving, our flat menus make it easy to navigate the 8 menus and the Pattern, Rhythm editors, Chord Sequencer and MIDI Controller.

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