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Featuring a minimalistic and sophisticated design, the K620T was designed to deliver the power and tactile satisfaction of a fully mechanical keyboard with a compact and portable functionality for the on-the-go user. Rediscover a new love for your work with the K620T wherever you are!

The K620T was created to fit the mobile typing needs for both laptop and smartphone/tablet users. A compact 60% layout was chosen to maximize utility and size, while maintaining all of the necessary keys for a fully functional workflow. Whether you’re working from your office, a cafe, or on your commute, the K620T’s size ensures a comfortable and uncompromising typing experience. The K620T is available in your choice of Ajazz Blue or Pink switches, and is fully compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems.

Inspired by the community, we designed the K620T to maximize portability and functionality. This meant that the physical size had to be as compact as possible, while still being comfortable to type on and featuring all of the essential keys for the Mac and Windows OS.

The K620T can be used both in wired or Bluetooth modes using the provided USB Type-C cable. Utilizing the latest iteration of the incredibly reliable and trusted Broadcom Bluetooth Chipset, the K620T offers a faster and more accurate keystroke response. The unique chipset incorporation further allows up to three devices to be connected simultaneously, as well as providing further transmission distances. Now, you can have your smartphone, tablet, and laptop connected to your keyboard at the same time and effortlessly switch between platforms. Wave goodbye to latency and missed keystrokes!

To provide a more seamless user experience, the K620T was created with an integrated tablet stand built into the keyboard. Smartphones and tablets with screen size up to 12 inches can easily sit in the dock. This design eliminates the need for additional tablet stands and saves desktop space, as well as creating a more ergonomic workstation for working on-the-go.

Compatible with every operating system out there, the K620T is the perfect match for all of you pro multitasking workaholics! You can easily switch between different operating system layouts using the side switch, and one simple macro command takes you seamlessly between your connected devices. Additionally, the K620T is one of the few mechanical keyboards that feature native Mac layout media keys for the comprehensive integration of the UI. This means that you can use the same media keys that are on a conventional MacOS keyboard, but with the unparalleled typing satisfaction of a mechanical keyboard. Every K620T keyboard comes with 3 specific keycaps for Mac and Windows, respectively.

Switch between different devices using the FN+Q, FN +W, FN+E, or commands (for each of the three connected devices). In the wireless mode, if there’s no operation within 10 minutes, the backlight of the K610T will power off, and after 30 minutes, the Bluetooth will be turned off to save power. You can click on any of the keys to wake up the keyboard. This feature can also be deactivated in the user settings.

The K620T is engineered with more than 19 types of RGB backlight options, as well as a static white backlight. The K620T is a keyboard that is always in sync with your mood to keep you happy and productive. Easily cycle through the different backlight schemes using the lights effect key. Here is a video to show the RGB backlight options for the K620T.

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