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Fenik’s Yuma 60L Cooler introduces a revolutionary product to the world of refrigeration. The Yuma 60L is a light weight, easy-to-carry, fully portable system that can keep perishables like fruits, vegetables and dairy products fresh in the hot summer months. The Yuma 60L requires no electricity to operate and is 100% eco-friendly with absolutely no greenhouse gas emissions.

Fenik has developed PhaseTek™ technology to power the Yuma. This material mimics the way animals naturally cool themselves and becomes activated when a user fills the internal reservoir with any clean source of water (e.g. tap, well, river, lake). The walls of the device then begin to draw out heat from the interior of the device, cooling the internal storage space by 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit from ambient conditions.

The Yuma can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables up to 5x and is perfect for preserving items that are at their best when kept at a stable room temperature. It’s great for chocolate – no one likes a melted chocolate bar – as well as cheese. Some food, like bananas last longer in a Yuma than a traditional ice cooler because they are susceptible to frost.

The amount of cooling inside of the Yuma depends on where you use it. It performs best in warm dry places. The handy chart below shows the likely internal temperature of the Yuma based on outside air temperature and humidity. You can use it to see if a Yuma is right for you.

About The Product
• Dimensions
Expanded – 22.5 x 18 x 15.5 in
Collapsed – 22.5 x 18 x 4.5 in
• Weight – 4.4 lbs
• Capacity – 2.1 cubic feet
• Water Capacity – 1 gallon
• Cooling Capacity 20-30 Degrees drop from ambient conditions. Note: The lower the humidity, the better the performance
• Energy Consumption – 0 Watts forever.

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