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The Flujo PowerEdge is currently the World’s First Monitor Stand with Modular USB-C Multifunction Docking Station.

Are you worried that the computer accessories you buy for your work-from-home arrangements become white elephants once the COVID-19 blows over? This is where the PowerEdge comes in. It is engineered for modern people who don’t only work at home, but also have to zip around town with their laptops.

No matter where you are, the PowerEdge is designed to suit the new normal, to keep you productive and your cables neatly in place, whilst providing extra connectivity to your computer. It is your monitor or laptop’s new companion.

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The PowerEdge is built for anyone, really. Students, professionals, videomakers, businessmen – literally anyone in the digital world that owns a workspace.

The PowerEdge Hub is also the dongle hack that helps keep your workspace organized on what’s important and boost your productivity at work. It can not only be used at home but also in your office. It combines all the essential ports that you need (and lack) for the latest Mac devices.

We pit the PowerEdge against existing monitor stands out there. From the available ports, to warranty provided, all the way to the price of PowerEdge, PowerEdge triumph champion

The PowerEdge packs innovation and functionality. All you need in a work-desk AND MORE – PowerEdge covers you left, right, center.

Low screen position of monitors and laptops forces us to adopt awkward postures, and yet we still wonder how’d we get all those backaches and hunchbacks.

What’s special about the PowerEdge is its modular grab-and-go design. On its own, the PowerEdge Adaptor Hub is a 10-in-1 that offers multifunctional uses. Slide the Hub off the rack system and now you have a portable adaptor hub to use on-the-go. Perfect for traveling once normal life resumes.

Attaching and detaching the Hub is very simple. Simply pull the hooks upwards and outwards and slot the Hub one side at a time. Release the hooks into the side of the Hub until you hear a ‘click’ sound. Ensure the Hub is nicely fitted and voila~

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