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GravGrip™ includes a 1 Action Camera and 1 Cell Phone adapter.

Rotate weight set upwards to decrease gimbal speed or downwards to increase gimbal speed. Fine tune GravGrip™ to your liking. Twist the weights together to lock into position!

GravGrip’s balance correction system is adjusted using hand force. Some camera’s have an offset center of Gravity (hint hint: GoPro), easily level the horizon with a quick change in position. This system will NOT budge while in use!

GravGrip™ can be mounted to any GoPro compatible mount and we know a lot of our customers will already have these items. This ensures we can provide you the lowest price possible! Don’t have a pole? You’re in luck, we have a combo deal that includes a GravGrip™ custom designed extension pole or a 5″ hand grip. We strive to provide premium products, and our extension pole is just that.

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