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Universal Gesture Control Interface for Your Wrist
GyroPalm is a patented wearable gesture control system for your wrist, unprecedented in the world, that empowers you to control electronics, computers, appliances, robotics, and IoT devices with a flick of the wrist! With our wearable, and in some cases with our base too, users can control devices and drones within 3,000 feet. With WiFi setup in advance, users can even control these items in different parts of the world. Our wearable also has most, if not all, of the functions of a typical smartwatch, such as step tracking, notifications, temperature indication, etc.

GyroPalm is the trend for tomorrow, the next-generation smartwatch! According to the editor of GadgetFlow, “It’s a connected smartwatch that is actually smarter than the rest.”

There are three aspects of the product: a wristband, the GyroPalm cloud platform, and one or more hardware-based accessories. GyroPalm is easy to be used out of the box. Most people can adequately use GyroPalm through 4 or 5 simple preset motions. Moreover, you can create customizable gestures to be mapped to various actions as you desire.

For sophisticated users, GyroPalm features a dedicated IDE programming environment that allows them to extend the functionality of the wearable.

The universal interface of GyroPalm revolves around gesture recognition. Hand gestures have been a medium of human-to-human communication for over a thousand years. GyroPalm aims to achieve human-device interaction through a language that is not spoken, but rather conveyed by motions which can be performed in either a subtle or explicit manner. Occasionally, gestures are a convenient way to quickly communicate with another person depending on the situation or location. Likewise, the same can be applied to controlling devices around your home or office in a pleasant and seamless manner.

Today, GyroPalm empowers you to interact with devices around you with single-hand gestures, even in noisy and/or dark environments.

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