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Designed to help you stay focused longer at work, in school, or at home.

Getting children to focus, especially kids with learning differences like ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), can be a huge challenge.

Traditional computer pointing devices don’t provide the physical stimulation that many of these kids need. Trackpads, keyboards, and traditional mice are cold, hard, and lifeless. Trackpads require fine motor skills that younger children and kids with ASD often lack.

That’s an especially big problem now during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many children are unable to go to school, and access to autism centers and traditional in-person therapy is severely limited. Parents need better ways to keep their children engaged in essential therapeutic and educational activities at home.

A different mouse for different learners.

That’s why we created a computer mouse specifically for learning-challenged kids. It’s designed from the ground up to provide the rewarding multi-sensory experience these children crave. Simply put, it’s a delight to look at, hold and use. Kids – and adults, too – can’t keep their hands off it.

We call it the Hoglet, because it looks like a baby hedgehog. Soft, cuddly, and friendly – the Hoglet is a comforting bridge between the familiar physical world and the virtual world of the computer screen. It anchors a child’s attention and has a calming, centering effect.

It really works. Children who use it are able to increase concentration and stay focused on learning. They’re less restless, more absorbed in their activities, and more likely to complete therapeutic and educational tasks.

About The Product
– Wireless optical mouse
– Clickable trackball and right/left buttons
– Compatible with MacOS, Windows and supported Chromebooks. See the FAQ for more details on compatibility.
– Powered by 1 AA battery (included)
– Communicates with computers via a wireless receiver (USB dongle, included)
– 2.4 GHz wireless signal provides reliable connection; up to 15 meters of range
– Auto-sleeps when inactive to save power; wakes when clicked
– Specifically designed for kids with ASD and other learning challenges
– Ideal for sensory seekers, and kinaesthetic and tactile learners
– Great for transitioning children from tablets and phones to computers
– The ergonomic design and soft, grippy surface is also helpful for people with arthritis and neuromotor impairments that make it hard to grasp conventional computer mice

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