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Imagine, you can shoot pro quality video without the need to carry a camera bag full of gears; no need to worry about charging the batteries for your lights, gimbal and monitor; no longer have to spend 5 minutes to setup and 5 minutes to break down each time you want to shoot. Idolcam, a camera allows you to focus on the creation, not the camera, so simple, yet so powerful. Now it’s possible with Idolcam!
About The Product
– 3 axis Gimbal: A mini 3 axis gimbal with close-loop sensors and motors that stabilize the lens to achieve stable video.
– Magnetic Interchangeable Lens: One of the kind lens mounting system leveraging the readily available M12 lens from the action camera and security camera industry. Making lens changes a snap!
– Magnetic Interchangeable Ring light: Even lighting to fill in shadow on user’s face. Making lighting changes a snap!
– Magnetic Interchangeable Animal spot light: Mysterious mood lighting on the subject, providing lighting on the central area of the frame only.
– 180 Rotational Touchscreen: Preview for selfie shots and video recording when looking down. Also allow quick navigation toreview video and change settings.
– Moving TimeLapse: Dynamic Time-lapse without the need for additional motorized time-lapse head.
– Remote Framing: Allow users to control the angle of the lens with our App through the smartphone. User will be able to preview video and snap the perfect selfies and self narrative video remotely and no longer limited by the arms length.
– Frame Rates: 4K/30fps, 4K/25fps, 2.7K/30fps, 2.5K/60fps, 2.5K/30fps, 1080/120fps, 1080/60fps, 1080/30fps, 720/240fps (24fps in development)
– Mic Port: Connect to external mic to get high audio quality.
– RC control and Drone Port: Extension to more application such as drones and filming remotely.
– APP: Preview of images and video and ability to control the aim of the lens remotely (in development)
– 4th Axis: A mechanical spring device that reduce in vertical movement from walking, jogging that all 3 axis gimbal can not completely compensate. It can also serve as a handle. (Optional)
– Battery Grip: This serve as a handle and provides additional power for a full day operation and can also charge smartphones too. (Optional)

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