Make your luggage smart. Never worry about losing your luggage again.

The LugLoc mobile phone app tells you where your luggage is at all times!

THe LugLoc® Tracker lets you locate your belongings anywhere while traveling.

Simply pack the device inside your bag and the mobile app displays the mapped location ,letting you know where your bag is in real-time.

Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or with valuable items, LugLoc is for you. It fits in any size bag, making it SMART, traceable and convenient. LugLoc lets you focus on what’s important; enjoying your trips and relaxing. You’ll rest easy knowing where your bags are at all times. Lugloc keeps track of your luggage and keeps traveling fun and enjoyable!

The award-winning #1 selling LugLoc Luggage Locator is proven to help travelers from losing their luggage. Upgrade the bags you own with a SMART and connected solution for stress-free travel.

About the product
– Works virtually worldwide to help locate bags at all airport locations

– Reliable cell-tower connected technology checks bag location by cell towers in-range

– Free iOS and Android App: Easy to use, with real-time notifications to your smartphone

– Rechargeable Battery: Up to 15 days usage; Includes charger and USB cable to recharge anytime

– Free Proximity Alerts (Bluetooth®) telling you when bag is at carousel or in phone distance range

– TSA & FAA compliant by chip inside helping turn device off prior to take off and wake on landing

– Dimensions 4″H x 2 3/4″W, Lightweight 3.5 oz

– GUARANTEED RESULTS: In addition to Amazon’s 30-day refund policy, your LugLoc® Luggage Locator is backed with our 365 RETURN policy. If your device is not working properly, just contact us and we will swap your device. There is no risk to you. Furthermore, LugLoc has excelling support to assist you with anything you might need. Order today and travel stress-free.

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