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Mogees Play is an ingenious smart sensor that attaches to a phone or tablet and turns the world around you into an interface for playing games, creating music and much more. When connected to an iPhone, the Mogees Play device senses vibrations in the objects it is attached to and uses them to extract information such as velocity, timbre, length and speed which it translates into sounds or actions on screen. Mogees Play comes with two fantastic apps – Pulse and Keys. We will also be giving Mogees Play owners new apps as they are released completely FREE.
Educational Tool
The Mogees Play sensor and apps are not only designed to be entertaining, they also offer reward-based learning to help budding musicians. It’s been specifically designed to teach core skills including rhythm, timbre, velocity and encourage ensemble play.

Mogees Play Apps
– Pulse, is a highly addictive rhythm action game with multiple levels which takes the player through varied genres of music, subtly teaching the basics of rhythm, timbre and velocity, from simple dance beats to more complex styles from around the world.

– Keys, allows for simple creation of melodies, arpeggios and chords using Mogees Play attached to any chosen object. You can easily create musical grooves and melodic sequences with a huge amount of harmonic variety through simple note and mode selection.

– No need for controllers, joysticks or keyboards. No need for instruments either. Just plug in Mogees Play and fire up one of our apps to experiment, game, and record music using real world objects. Designed for use by everyone, from novice to pro, its simple and robust design means you can take it and use it almost anywhere.
About The Product
– Turns anything into a musical instrument

– Play games

– Learn how to make music

– Vibration sensor and Apps

– Can be used as a high quality contact microphone

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