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A wearable device that WARNS you of dangers using haptic feedback to keep your eyes on the road.

Motobit Sentinel is your smartest motorcycle companion, packed with features to enhance your riding experience and safety while on the road.

No matter if you are going out for a quick ride or if you are planning a tour over several days, Motobit Sentinel is always there to join you and provides you valuable riding and road information with strong haptic feedback. And if you’re facing troubles on the road, Motobit Sentinel has your back!

Motobit Sentinel, in combination with the Motobit app, analyses your riding style and the road ahead to suggest the optimal riding speed for every situation.

Our advanced algorithms were tested on more than 200.000 km of real roads: it is your like riding with an expert motorcycle rider that knows you and the road ahead.

Motobit Sentinel also has you covered to avoid fines and can alert you if you exceed the speed limit based on your personal preferences!

If something unexpected happens, you can alert your emergency contacts with a simple touch of the easy-to-reach button on Motobit Sentinel.

A text message with your position will be sent to your emergency contacts, that can come to help you or alert the rescue forces so that you can get support as soon as possible.

Connect several Motobit Sentinel devices and define a maximal distance. As soon as one of your group members exceeds this distance, other motorcyclists of the group will be informed.

Do you have tight racing gloves or are used to wear a watch or a bracelet while riding?

Do not worry: Motobit Sentinel is designed to be used in many positions, with a strap, a clip, or as it is: Simply put Motobit Sentinel in your jacket pocket, attach it to your trousers’ belt or kidney belt and continue to enjoy riding with maximum comfort while Motobit Sentinel is watching your back!

Accompanying the Motobit Sentinel is the Motobit app.

Connect Motobit Sentinel to your smartphone with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology built-in the device to have access to all its features and much more.

In the Motobit app, you can find a resume of your ride with a detailed analysis made possible by our advanced algorithms, ready to be shared with your friends or other motorcyclists.

Moreover, through the Motobit app, you will have the possibility to update the software of Motobit Sentinel to receive also future features.

We designed Motobit Sentinel with one goal: TO IMPROVE YOUR SAFETY while motorcycling.

It does not matter which motorbike you ride or for how long you have been on the road, Motobit Sentinel will watch your back during all your future rides.

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