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Meet °Grid (offGrid), a palm-sized MIDI/OSC controller that lets you make music anywhere. °Grid gives your apps the natural feel of a traditional instrument using motion, gesture, touch and velocity-sensitivity.

Make beats, play keys, launch clips – °Grid fits any style and skill level. It’s instantly compatible with all of your existing devices – just pair & play.

°Grid employs LED-backlit, velocity-sensitive silicone pads and a unique multi-directional modulation Joystick. Think of it as a pocket, MPC-style Drumpad, Keyboard and haptic controller in one.

An exclusive °Grid Special Edition Case Kit is available in limited quantities to keep your unit safe and sound with a custom, hand-manufactured in EU, ultra-durable, water-resistant, Protective Soft Case made in collaboration with BRAASI INDUSTRY.

The lightweight, responsive design will help capture your creative ideas wherever you are. °Grid will keep running all day long on a single charge, so you can go from sketch to masterpiece without skipping a beat.

About The Product
– 4×4 grid of LED-backlit, velocity-sensitive pads.
– 2×2 grid of color-customizable, LED-backlit, velocity-sensitive pads.
– Shift / secondary function Toggle.
– Multi-directional, modulation Joystick.
– USB Type-C plug.
– Bluetooth BLE (5.0) – Ultra-low latency MIDI/OSC optimization.
– Machine Learning Core, low-power optimized 3D Accelerometer.
– Machine Learning Core, low-power optimized 3D Gyroscope
– Free companion editor App (iOS/Android

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