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The R-PUR mask is the first anti-pollution mask made in France specifically designed for 2-wheel users.
This mask allows you to breathe clean air by filtering toxic particles, fine particles / diesel, pollen and viruses and bacteria in the air, all without compromising on comfort and style. This new generation filter offers the best filtration in the world and is positioned beyond the highest European standard for FFP3 respiratory masks.
About The Product
– Water repellent fabric – Water repellant
They have selected a quality fabric with a “water repellent” coating that allows it to not become wet and thus be waterproof while remaining very breathable. This fabric is used in military uniforms special forces or in haute couture.

– Hot air extraction valve
The hot air extraction valve is a patented technological feat that allows 50% faster expiration than with a conventional valve. This allows for better internal ventilation of the filter when you exhale to stay dry.

– In addition, the redirection of the hot air flows makes it possible to avoid the appearance of mist on the visor or the glasses.

– Ergonomic fasteners
The fasteners have been specially designed to allow the donning of a helmet over the mask.

– In addition a self-adhesive 100% nylon allows easy attachment / withdrawal.

– Soft inside thermo-control® – Soft shell
Thanks to the thermo-control® antiperspirant inner lining, you will always be comfortable in your R-PUR mask.

– Its temperature control technology allows you to stay cool in the summer or during an effort and protects you from the fresh air in winter. No need for a neck cover, with the R-PUR mask you are protected.

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The World Food Programme, along with many other partners, are working to solve this moral challenge.

With your generous support, families can share meals together, life-saving nourishment can be provided to those affected by conflict, and students can thrive at school thanks to a daily school meal.

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