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Rakabot shelf – PLASTICO Model – 2-Storey Base Kit is convenient and affordable. This plastic shelf model offers all the same benefits from the Rakabot technology. Say goodbye to soaked floors, wet feet, clutter and waterlogged carpets!
The storage solution is ideal for home or office. Rugged, lightweight and easy to assemble, it will allow you to store around 3 pairs of shoes or boots per shelf. You can stack up to 5 shelves. The height of the posts can be changed. Available posts have a height of 12.7cm (5.0 “) for the shoes in summer and 35.6cm (14.0”) for the winter boots. Patented technology, allows air to go under the soleplate and dry it, gutter principle allows recovering molten water in a easy-to-wash 1.8-liter receptacle. Smooth surface shelves wash easily with a wet wipe.
About The Product
– Length: 81.7 cm (32.15 “)
– Depth: 34.3 cm (13.50 “)
– Height: 58.4 cm (23 “) for a 2-storey shelf.
– Contents: 2x trays, 1x water collecting cup, 4x 35.6cm (14.0 “) posts, 4x 12.7cm (5.0”) posts, 4x anti-slip paw plugs, 1x draining tube of 36.47cm (14.36 “)
– Assembly Time: 2 minutes
– Material: Quality plastic resin

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