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Getting the sound right was key. From the raw waveforms to the presets High Score embodies the 8-bit sound of the 1980s. There are fat lead sounds, retro bass sounds, and classic arpeggiated chords. High Score is loaded with tons of old video game sounds and effects that are perfect for your next project. Use any of the presets or create your own.

IHigh Score has retro computer speech sounds complete with a rudimentary English vocabulary of fun and usable words. These words are played back at the touch of a single key and used just like any of the raw waveforms in High Score’s sound engine. See the Kickstarter rewards for how to get your own custom speech word or phrase added to High Score.

Use High Score’s three wave generators to mix and match sounds, create one-note chords and intervals, and more. Then use the rest of the generator section and filter to shape your sound.

High Score’s step arpeggiator let’s you play patterns at the press of a single key. Play everything from fast chord arpeggios to slow patterns. The dual-16 step patterns sequence more than just pitch and volume. You can even chain the two patterns to have one long 32-step pattern. Each pattern can play up to 16 steps. The Step Arpeggiator is key-switchable for playing in real time.

This powerful, yet simple to use arpeggiator can sequence the following:

The Three Wave Generators’ Waveforms
Noise Bitrate
Filter Cutoff

Instead of adding a ton of random effects, I wanted to add the right effects. Let’s start with the Note Delay. The Note Delay re-triggers the notes you play multiple times. It’s fully programmable for all kinds of fun.

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