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CREATED BY MIT PROFESSOR CARLO RATTI, SCRIBIT IS a small “writing robot” that can draw images and text on any vertical surface. Thanks to a special patented technology, Scribit can safely draw, erase and re-draw new content an infinite number of times, allowing you to print a different image on your wall every few minutes. Scribit can be installed in less than 5 minutes: all that is needed are two nails and a power plug. It can place itself at any point with great precision and uses markers to reproduce any type of content.
About The Product
– A vertical surface, a socket and an Internet connection. That’s all you need to use Scribit
– Scribit can operate between 4 colours combinations.
– Along with Scribit you’ll receive 4 default colours: replacements are easy to come by on the market for a price between $7 and $15 for a set of 12 colours.
– The 4 default colours are Red, Yellow, Blue and Black (the Primary colours).

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There's enough food in the world to feed every man, woman and child. Yet, there are more hungry people than the populations of the United States, Canada and EU combined.

The World Food Programme, along with many other partners, are working to solve this moral challenge.

With your generous support, families can share meals together, life-saving nourishment can be provided to those affected by conflict, and students can thrive at school thanks to a daily school meal.

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