SPCA is undertaking an essential rebuild of their animal adoption shelter to create a new facility that will allow them to house more dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals in comparison to their existing compound. To enable them to provide better care for the animals, their new home will include a rehabilitation centre, an exercise and agility course for our animals, socialisation areas for prospective adopters and animals, and an area specially designed for their education programmes.

The new premises will mirror nature’s organic structure through an extensive water feature which doubles up as a reservoir and a filtration system to recycle rain water for washing theirr kennels. The shelter grounds will be greener with trees and plants that are important to the animals’ spiritual and emotional comfort.

Help SPCA build their new home by buying a brick!

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Featured Cause: Aceh Earthquake Relief

In the early morning of 7 December 2016 a 6.4m earthquake shook Aceh Province in Indonesia. more than 91,000 people remain displaced, about 800 injured and unfortunately 103 casualties have been confirmed*. Mercy Relief is in Pidie Jaya assessing the needs on the ground. Their team has improved community kitchens providing more nutritious meals to those affected and offering medical supplies and services to local communities. Help empower the survivors in Aceh and build more resilient communities, ready to come out of any tragedy stronger and unconquered.

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*Donations are processed directly by Giving.Sg (powered by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre) on behalf of Mercy Relief and do not go through SocioSpree. Please do not address donations to SocioSpree.


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