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Your world,
the way you see it.
Meet Spectacles: a camera inspired by the

human eye, and powered by your imagination

Two cameras.

Three dimensions.

Two HD cameras capture 3D photos and videos at 60 fps — while four built-in microphones record immersive, high-fidelity audio.
Inspired by the human eye.

Images from both cameras combine to build out a geometric map of the world around you. With this new sense of depth perception, you can experience — and reimagine — your memories like never before.

About The Product
• Recharges Spectacles 3 on the go.
Stores up to four charges at a time.
• Recharges the Charging Case through a USB-C connection.
• Cleaning Cloth
Keep your lenses clear of dust and smudges.
• 3D Viewer
Insert your phone to relive a favorite memory, or step into another perspective.

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There's enough food in the world to feed every man, woman and child. Yet, there are more hungry people than the populations of the United States, Canada and EU combined.

The World Food Programme, along with many other partners, are working to solve this moral challenge.

With your generous support, families can share meals together, life-saving nourishment can be provided to those affected by conflict, and students can thrive at school thanks to a daily school meal.

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