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Following the success of its predecessor, The Beast V1, they’re proud to introduce the newest in The Beast Family, the long awaited “The Beast V2”.
Rather than tack on some new additions to their old design, they’ve taken the feedback and experience accumulated over the past 2 years and completely redesigned our Large Scale 3D printer from the ground up with much improved accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Having produced thousands of the V1 model, they gained vast experience from their customers and their usage as to where their design could be improved. Now with the benefit of this experience, “The Beast V2” is the culmination of non stop re-design, re-evaluation and 1000’s of hours of testing since the successful funding of their first model over 2 years ago.
About The Product
– HUGE PRINT VOLUME: 500 x 490 x 690 mm, 19.6 x 19.3 x 27.1 inches * For single hotend.
– HEATED PRINT BED: Heated upto 120 degrees
– LAYER RESOLUTION: 100 – 800 microns
– DUAL MATERIAL PRINTING: Optional 2 input, 1 output Hotend for Dual Material/Colour Printing
– COMPATIBLE MATERIALS: All materials that print at 300 degrees or less
– TRAVEL SPEED: Up to 250 mm/s
– XYZ POSITIONAL ACCURACY: 6.25, 6.25, 1.25 microns
– NOZZLE SIZES: 0.15mm – 1.2mm Available
– SUPPORTED FILAMENT BRANDS: Non-proprietaty – All 1.75mm filament spools supported
– FILAMENT DETECTION: Pause job on out of filament detection
– PRINT SPEED: Up to 16 mm3/s
– CONTROL OPTIONS: Standalone SD Card Printing and Computer Tethered Printing
– PRINT PLATE LEVELING: Auto Leveling Sensor and Mechanical Locking Features
– MACHINE DIMENSIONS: 755 x 755 x 1080 mm
– WEIGHT: 47Kg
– FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Easily Modifiable / Customizable Design

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The World Food Programme, along with many other partners, are working to solve this moral challenge.

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