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This Mac charger also charges your iWatch, iPhone, Airpods WIRELESSLY and is your perfect USB-C HUB

The concept of the Tooyn Charger was introduced when we realized that our newer laptops did not have the inputs we use every day. More so, we had to pay a fortune to buy each and every adapter device.

Rather than carrying around a million impractical dongles, we designed the Tooyn Charger. It has everything we need for our Macs. Whether we’re working or just having fun, the Tooyn Charger has everything we need to bring our laptop to its full potential.

Tooyn Charger is more than just a Type-C Charger. Incorporated inside are: a fast data USB port, a fast charging USB 3.0 QC port that will charge any device at lightning speeds. The extra USB-C input, HDMI port and 2 different sized SD/Memory Card slots will ensure your being always connected to your environment. Tooyn Charger also incorporates a built-in wireless charger for your phone and iWatch. No more extra cables! Just rest your phone on Tooyn and get charging!

About The Product
• Laptop Charger
• iPhone Wireless Charger
• Apple Watch Wireless Charger
• AirPods Wireless Charger
• Fast Charging
• USB-C Hub: ✔ USB-A QC 3.0; ✔ USB-A 3.1; ✔ 4K HDMI; ✔ SD/MC slot; ✔ MicroSD slot
• High-speed Data Transfer
• Additional High Capacity Power Bank

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