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This portable kayak has a tough-as-nails polyurethane fabric and a Hi-tech aerospace aluminum frame. The hull design has distinctive hard chines and a V-shape for speed and tracking, excellent edging and great secondary stability. This allows for Advanced paddling techniques to be applied in a wide variety of conditions. Truly portable – a go-anywhere, go-anytime kayak: store it in your closet, pack it in your Trunk, check it on the plane and shake it out in 10 minutes or less.

There’s nothing like it, that combines all the advantages of a folding kayak, with the most easy set-up on the market and the durability and performance of a hard shell. Real performance – solid and durable: key parts such as the seat, foot pegs, thigh braces and cockpit coaming are of rigid construction. Three Self-Contained hydraulic jacks (pistons) drive pressure from the frame into the polyurethane shell providing an unparalleled level of tautness and rigidity in the skin.

You’ll have the feeling of being in a hard shell but with the ability to feel the water through a membrane. Specifications: length: 16 ft weight: 48 lb weight in pack: 63 lb beam Width: 22.50 in pack size: 52 x 16 x 12 in payload: 300 lb cockpit size: 16.5 x 31.75 in water types: flat water, Ocean, and River (adaptable) storage capacity: 50 us gal paddler level: beginner to expert accessories included: 1 wheeled travel pack, 1 custom Trak spray skirt, 2 gear Floatation dry bags 5 year tip-to-tip warranty.

About The Product
– The seaworthy portable kayak

– 10 years of going on every ocean, every condition

– Durable military-grade polyurethane

– Packs or unpacks in 10 minutes

– 5 year tip-to-tip warranty

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