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The VAVA Portable Solid-State Drive (SSD) Touch gives you the ultimate fingerprint security and 540MB/s transfer speed in a palm-sized package. Experience the convenience of securing and unlocking your critical files with a touch of a finger.

Secure Your Files with a Touch
The VAVA Portable SSD Touch utilizes the world’s most advanced encryption technology – AES 256-bit hardware encryption, which keeps your data secure and unbreachable. The fingerprint reader adds an extra biometric layer of security to data on the drive. Unlock using fingerprint authentication or user-generated passwords.

Register up to 10 Fingerprints
With the capacity for 10 team members’ fingerprints, collaborating on projects has never been easier.

The VAVA SSD Touch features an LED light that glows when the device is in use. The light blinks blue during data transfer and red when an error occurs, so you know what your device is up to at a glance.

Transfer 10GB of data in just 20 seconds with the ultra fast speeds of the USB 3.1 Gen2 VAVA SSD Touch. Featuring read/write speeds of up to 540/480MB/s, it’s 4.9x faster than standard hard disk drive (HDD).

VAVA SSD Touch shortens game loading times by up to 40%. For games that require frequent loading for new areas or titles with long initial load times, using the SSD Touch saves you time and prevents game time interruption.

The VAVA SSD Touch is compatible with PC, Mac, iPad Pro, Android devices, gaming consoles, cameras, and more. For your convenience, it comes with both USB Type C-C and Type C-A cables.

About The Product
– 500GB, 1TB AND 2TB
– USB 3.1 GEN 2

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