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If you’re into recording great moments on video and into doing exciting live streaming sessions, you will be happy to know that you can finally do that with the VIEWPT VR180 NANO, a compact, easily mountable and portable and extremely affordable camera that makes traditional VR devices look expensively outdateD.

Connect the camera to a Type-C or lightning ports, you can have instant ultra-stable and ultra-defined image and sound in your live streaming experiences.

Connect it to your PC, you can have this kind of live streaming quality for much longer durations. Get ready to leave your viewers amazed!

Live streaming has become a social media ritual that celebrates people’s beautiful life moments. NANO helps to make this ritual even more attractive by allowing for 4k video capturing with greater VR video quality than many other devices in the market. If you want to capture more new followers in social media, NANO is your secret weapon.

There are many more exciting ways to use NANO, and we can’t wait to see how you use it. Don’t forget to share with us!

In a transitioning era from 4G to 5G, most platforms are unable to support 4K live streaming. However, when in 5G, even in outdoors without WIFI service, people can easily do 4K and 1080P live streaming. So this is a cutting-edge product that you shouldn’t miss in the coming 5G era.

With the NANO, your 4K VR180 3D Videos and Still Frames look like you’re re-living what you’re watching. The quality of the images is just breath-taking—exactly as you want them to be!

For those unforgettable memories you want to re-experience, NANO helps you flashback to the past occasions that matter most to you.

If you like to binge on a reality show, NANO only escalates the degree of reality so you can feel a closer connection to what is presented in front of you. Isn’t that seductive!

Compatible with Google VR180 format, the NANO dual HD fish-eye lens ensures that you can translate everything that any scenery has to show into an ultra-high-definition 4K film that includes more of what you are recording.

That means the NANO captures and shows everything that you see—not just parts of it. It also allows you to emphasize differences in sizes or distances between objects, playing with elements to create even more spectacular effects.

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