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VOLTA Spark is the toughest Universal cable you’ll ever own – and works with ANY device. Compatible with Apple MacBook Pro, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel XL or ANY micro USB devices (and more)!

Stop wasting your money on weak, gimmicky slow charging cables that don’t last.
The revolutionary universal charging cable the world has been waiting for is here.
VOLTA Spark changes the game forever with:

Like MagSafe, VOLTA Spark offers an extra protection by detaching from your device instantly if you accidentally snag the cord.

A lot of Apple users raised concerns about the shocking removal of the MagSafe feature from the newer MacBooks with only USB-C ports. With the launch of VOLTA Spark, you can expect to get this feature back.

Power any device with a micro USB, USB C (Universal/Android) or Lightning port (Apple). VOLTA Spark ‎features the most universal cross-device compatibility of any cable on the market. Imagine: 1 cable charges every device you own.

Unlike other charging cables, VOLTA Spark is equipped to power all USB-C devices including fast charging for the iPhone X series and MacBook Pro.

We designed the Spark cable to provide hassle-free charging for all your devices. Whether ‎you use an iPhone, USB-C Laptops (such as MacBook), a USB-C Android or Micro USB devices or an iPhone, you can now wave good-bye to fumbling around to charge ‎any of your devices.

On-The-Go charging functionality allows you to share charge between your devices without the need for a charger or a power bank.

Spark has passed the most advanced reliability tests to prove it will outlast any other cable ‎no matter what you do to it. (Short of taking an axe to it!).

18K gold-plated copper core plug guarantee a lightning-fast charge.
18K gold-plated needles deliver a faster, more stable current to your device.

3 layers of military-grade PVC protection, & anti-corrosive nickel-plating means your Spark will last forever.

Two perfectly aligned, N52-grade Neodymium reversible magnets in 360° orientation – at both ends – deliver an immediate, powerful connection in an instant. No more stabbing your device to death trying to connect for a charge. Just get the end of the cable close to the connector, and it snaps right into place.

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